Want to keep your favourite Web sites alive even when you're using Adblock Plus ? And of course, without being flooded by obnoxious ads on "Made For AdSense" Web sites made by "leechers", "losers", "lamers",...

AdRemind.me helps you to supportting your favourite Web sites in deactivating periodically Adblock Plus ad filters only on these sites.

AdRemind.me description

AdRemind.me is a companion addon for the Adblock Plus addon. AdRemind.me addon remembers your most often visited sites (sites which may qualify as your "favourite Web sites"). When visiting one of your favourite Web sites, AdRemind.me may (based on the number of times you visited this site) asks you whether to display the page complete with ads by deactivating the Adblock Plus filters for this page for a limited amount of time (20 seconds)

AdRemind.me lets you control:



AdRemind features

AdRemind.me is not intrusive, and does not change the Adblock plus filters. This addon is disabled while using private browsing in FF3.5/3.6 and does not violate your privacy.
By default, the frequency of reminders is 20 pages viewed on the same Web site, and the retention time in the history of a rarely visited Web site is 60 days. These parameters are editable in the preferences panel of AdRemind.me.
In practice, AdRemind.me is not triggered by sites you rarely visit and Adblock plus plus will filter all the ads on those sites (sites you may consider as being of little interest for you). However, for a site you're viewing every day AdRemind.me will be triggered once or twice a month to remind you of the high frequency of your visits to this site (this site seems to have interesting content for you).

Why create this addon?

This addon has been made to automate my own manual deactivation of Adblock Plus on my favourite Web sites. Regularly on my favourite sites, I view the advertising they contain, and sometimes it interests me, which is never the case for sites with no or low contents but containing a lot of poorly targeted ads.


AdRemind.me Preferences panel